Big Deal

This comes when I’ve set myself fifteen minutes to write something without a break:

I bought a ton of new things today (moving to another continent in two months is a fabulous excuse). Among them a wide studded metal bangle, some dangling earrings, two eye pencils (blue and green and a great new lipstick from Maybelline. With these last, I got a free gift (I always thought “free gift” is quite a pleonasm). Yellow canvas bag with huge red Maybelline logo, which I hope to turn into my laundry bag in the US.

Hidden as its use will be, I still took enormous joy in possessing that one thing I didn’t have to pay for. Irrespective of its absent aesthetic appeal and public functionality. Precisely because I didn’t have to buy it.

The exact same thing happens at summer and end-of-winter sales. I’ll spend hundreds of rupees on things I only moderately like, because they’re marked down, and I goad myself into believing that I’m saving 200 instead of really spending a bad 800 on stuff I’ll use maybe three or four times.

Still, it’s all worth all the illusions. We all like to think we got a great deal.


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